Galactic Hot Dogs is a series of books kids can read on FunBrain.


No. Title
1 "Mega-Dog"
2 "Princess Problems"
3 "Jacked Up!"
4 "Life is an Interstellar Highway"
5 "Wiener Parade"
6 "The Pirate Band"
7 "The Lost Triangle"
8 "Mayday of Decay"
9 "The First Slice"
10 "Oops!"
11 "M.W.W.F"
12 "The Boss Worm"
13 "DING!"
14 "Cosmoe is Crowned"
15 "Evil Ways"
16 "Videogame Apocalypse!"
17 "Black Hole joystick Battle Heroes!"
18 "Game Over"
19 "Say What?!"

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