Mighty Guy! is the second game a player plays on the Funbrain Arcade.



The story goes as the following: One night as you are doing your homework, You hear a scream for help. You run through the city looking for clues. Dodging trash can lids and glass bottles (from windows), birds, and jumping over traffic. At the end, your player falls off a car into the ocean. The story is continued in Mighty Guy 2.


The game is easily controlled. Use the left and right arrow keys to move. Press space bar and left or right, to do a flip sideways (The way depends on if right or left were hit.). Press the space bar alone to do a super jump (In the air you can move left or right.).


Only one major glitch has been found:

  • Float in mid-air. To do this go to the part where you are riding on top of the giant car and there are birds. Next, try to get hit by a bird and an egg at the same time.(You MUST do this for the glitch to work.) Next usually when your player falls off the car it will hit the road. If the glitch is done correctly, your player will hover above the ground. When you are back at the city,your guy will be flying! Note:You cannot get on the car because you cannot jump.You must quit to continue.

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